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When’s the Best Time to install a Roof?

Posted on: July 30, 2016

Is your home in need of a new roof installation but you are unsure when will be the best time of the year to have it done? While many homeowners may at first assume that timing doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes down to installing a roof, according to expert roofing contractors, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only will you need to take your family’s schedule into consideration when planning for a roof installation (i.e., vacations, holidays, etc.), but you also need to consider how the technical elements of roofing will impact your installation timing as well. For a better understanding of what some of these technical elements are and how they will impact when you decide to begin a new roof installation, take a look at some of the information below!

  • Think the fall is the best time for a new roof installation? Roofers and contractors would advise you to think again!
    • Since the fall is such a common time for homeowners to start considering new home improvement projects, and projects involving their roofs in particular, roofing contractors find that fall is one of the busiest times of the year as far as new installation quotes and requests are concerned.
    • As a result of the high demand, contractors bump up their prices to keep rates competitive, which means that you will automatically be paying higher prices for a roof installation during the fall.
    • With winter just around the corner in some instances, one project will often need to be postponed in order to accommodate a home with a roof in desperate need of repair due to a leak or other major damage.
  • Roofing materials react differently to different temperatures and the season can impact the quality of your roofing installation.
    • The various materials and components used in a roofing installation can react to extreme temperatures in ways that will make them very difficult to use.
    • Materials like asphalt shingles and fiberglass shingles become susceptible to breaking in temperatures below 40 F, and that’s why contractors will generally avoid doing asphalt shingles during the cold winter months.
    • Conversely, other roofing materials are vulnerable to damage during installation in the summer months, specifically wooden shingle or shake roof, and most contractors will avoid installations of this type in the hot summer months.
  • While some roofing materials as a rule are not usually installed during the winter months, a metal roof installation is the exception to this rule!
    • Winter is generally a very slow season for roofers and roofing contractors, but if you need a metal roof installed and can deal with the intermittent schedule brought on by unpredictable rain patterns, then the winter can be an ideal time to install a new roof!
    • With their prices down and their schedules open, you are likely to get much more hands- on attention from your contractor than you often would during the busy season!


  • Finally, remember these simple tips when you are ready for a new roof installation for your home:
    • Call, plan, and schedule ahead of time-whether to get the timeline down or the materials chosen, making a plan ahead of time will save you loads of stress and a good deal of money.
    • Do your research when it comes to finding the best options for your family and your home, and don’t settle on a cheap fix to get a job done quickly.
    • Don’t hesitate to call your local roofing contractor for further help if you are considering a new roof for your home!



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