Things To Look For When Hiring a Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Hiring a Bay Area roofing contractor can be a challenging task. There are a lot of contractors in Northern California, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of the decision. To make things easier for you, there is really one thing you need to know – you should hire an Owens-Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred contractor.

It’s important to keep your roof in good shape, which might be challenging given the many reasons why roofs can fail. While you can definitely try to repair your roof yourself, sometimes it’s better to hire a professional roofing service instead to make sure that the job gets done more efficiently and effectively.

What is an Owens-Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred contractor?

Owens-Corning created this network of independent roofing contractors by running them through a series of tests to determine if the quality of their work can be associated with the top-rated and most popular brand in the roofing industry. After passing these high-standard tests and clearing an intensive background check, these contractors are certified as platinum preferred businesses.

It is important to hire an Owens-Corning Platinum Preferred contractor because the certification assures that your contractor meets the following criteria:

They have been in the business for at least five years.

According to the Small Business Administration, around 96% of all contractors fail in the first two years of business. If a contractor has managed to run a business for at least five years, they are definitely doing something right.

They have a clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

To ensure they don’t have any pending claims filed against them from the past five years, Owens-Corning secures history records from the BBB.

They have passed a Dun and Bradstreet background check.

Dun & Bradstreet provides information, analytics, and insights for businesses. Owens-Corning looks for good credit scores, so making sure the contractor passes a strict background check is necessary for ensuring that its customers will be in trustworthy hands.

They have obtained our required state and local licenses, as well as general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

It’s not uncommon for a contractor to get into business without being properly insured. In such cases, the customer is left to use his (or her) personal insurance if ever something goes wrong. Contractors with platinum preferred certification from Owens-Corning are always properly insured to avoid these situations.

They have positive professional references.

As trusted contractors of the Owen-Cornings brand, you can be sure that they have a good reputation both from your local Owens-Corning salespeople and their past homeowner clients. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire a contractor with a reputation for bad installations.

Other Things to Consider

Selecting the right contractor for your roofing job is important because you want to make sure you get only quality service for the place you live. After all, you’ll be the one living under a bad roof if you make the wrong choice. Aside from being an Owens-Corning Platinum Preferred contractor, you should also look for these factors:

They already work in your area.

Looking for a roofing contractor in the Bay area should be easy with the sheer number of prospects you have. By going local, you’re hiring someone who can get to your house faster and easier because they won’t have to travel far. They will have an easier time transporting the things they need for your roof, which can also reflect on the total costs you’ll be paying later.

Hiring Bay Area roofing contractors is also an excellent way to support local businesses. It also helps that you can easily have them over if ever an emergency situation comes up and you need to get the roof repaired as soon as possible.

They can provide a quote for their services.

It’s always a good thing to know what you’re in for, especially financially. A good contractor can provide you with an honest estimate of how much a particular service will cost so that you can better plan what happens next. Clear communication regarding quotes and other fees are necessary to manage the expectations of both parties.

A Final Word on Hiring a Bay Area Roofing Contractor

As long as you follow the simple tips above, you should have no trouble finding a quality contractor for all your roofing concerns. If you’re looking for a roofing contractor who is Owens-Corning Platinum Preferred, properly insured, and readily available in the Bay Area, then look no further than Yorkshire Roofing.

Photo of a project done by Bay Area roofing contractor Yorkshire Roofing in Livermore, CA.
Yorkshire Roofing provides quality roofing services at an affordable price.

Yorkshire Roofing is located at 7275 National Dr, Livermore, and can service nearby neighborhoods in northern California while offering the most competitive rates. With more than 120 years of high-quality service, we have the track-record and reputation to back us up.

If you want help with anything roofing-related or if you have any questions about our services, you can always call us at (925) 606-6700 and we guarantee to provide you with all the answers you need.