A roof represents a sizable investment for you and your home, and that’s why you must take the process of choosing a Bay Area roofing contractor seriously. Since the overall quality and lifespan of your roof is dependent upon the quality of your contractor, it’s important to hire a Bay Area roofing contractor who is well known for maintaining industry standards as well as manufacturer recommendations. Also consider the fact that the size and scope of your Bay area roofing project might fool you into thinking that lowest bid is the bid to go with; however, this is not always the case, which is why it will benefit you to do a thorough search before selecting the best contractor for you and your home.

Is Your Bay Area Roofing Contractor OK?

One indication of a quality Bay Area roofing contractor involves whether or not they provide workmanship warranties for up to at least one year after installation. A quality contractor is one who is willing to assure the homeowner that his finished product is one that will last. Also keep in mind when planning your Bay Area roofing project that in order for the manufacturers warranty on the roof to be valid for the standard 20-40-year warranty, the installation itself must be done according their instructions.

Typically, when it comes to new roof installations, a contractor is more than likely going to need to remove the existing roofing materials. While installing the new material over the top of the old may save on labor costs, most experts agree that your roof is better off in the long run with a completely new installation. Another way to observe the quality of your contractor concerns his approach to removing the old roofing materials, as this part of the roofing process requires particular skill and craftsmanship. Remember that the best contractor is a conscientious one, as he will take the time to protect the surrounding area of your home and yard during this period of home reconstruction.

The best way for you to ascertain whether or not your Bay Area roofing contractor produced a quality product is to simply perform an inspection, paying close attention to a few specific details, which will indicate a proper installation. Since one of the most common roofing materials in Northern California and especially the Bay Area, is asphalt shingles, several telltale signs of a contractor’s workmanship can be inferred by looking at the fastening patterns on the asphalt shingles. Upon visually inspecting the shingles during a dry day, pay close attention to the consistency of the nailing pattern and whether or not the heads of the nails have not been driven so far as to crack the surface of the shingle. Any indication of sloppy fastening could potentially signal problems in the future associated with the weather and roof damage.

Finally, be sure to observe the flashing and detail work after your Bay Area roofing contractor has finished the job, making sure to note if this aluminum or steel material is in fact present wherever any wall or intersection meets the roof.

When it comes to attention to details like these and providing quality workmanship that you can trust, the best choice for homeowners continues to be Yorkshire Roofing.