A Quick Review on Solar Energy

People are finally starting to understand just how real the threat of climate change is. As a result, consumers are now looking for more environmental-friendly ways on how to produce goods and services. This also applies to energy, as businesses are also beginning to transition into a cleaner power source through the use of solar energy,

Solar energy is one of the rising options in generating power while minimizing the harm it does to the environment. By utilizing the sun as its main source of energy, solar power companies are helping to protect the Earth’s atmosphere from additional harmful gases while also securing an endless and renewable product.

If you are interested in using solar energy to power up your home, here are a few common questions that people ask to better understand the concept of solar power.

How does Solar Energy become electricity?

Solar energy is converted into solar power using solar panels. Solar power is a subset of solar energy and can be used in different forms such as heat and electricity.

The first solar panel was invented way back in 1954, although the first solar cell was created in 1941. Solar panels were initially used in space satellites to keep them energized in space using the sun as a battery of sorts.

The process to convert solar energy into power is simple. First, the solar panel absorbs sunlight, stocking up on the sun’s renewable energy in the process. Photovoltaic technology is then used to invoke the process of absorption and expansion within the photons and electrons to create solar power, which is then used as electricity to support the house’s main grid.

Since solar energy comes from the sun, does that mean I can’t use it at night?

The average-sized home has sufficient roof area to carry the necessary number of solar panels to create enough solar power for the house’s system. Since the sun is not there to provide sunlight at night, you won’t be able to generate new energy. However, any excess electricity generated by the system during the day can still be used at night to save on energy expenses.

Additionally, since solar energy is heavily reliant on the sun, it is highly recommended to place your solar panels in a location where they can fully absorb large amounts of sunlight. Any obstruction, like a physical cover or the weather effects brought by snow, rain, or cloudy days can lessen the amount of energy the panels can store and turn into energy.

On-Grid vs. Off-Grid: What’s the difference?

Residential solar systems have two main categories: off-grid and on-grid.

An off-grid system uses 100% of the electricity generated to cover the electrical supply of the house since it isn’t connected to an electrical grid (powered by an electric company). As such, it is important to use large batteries if opting for an off-guard system to ensure you stock up enough energy to power you through the night. However, this might be a costly option since batteries are an additional expense.

On the other hand, an on-grid system means the solar panels remain connected to the main power grid. The electricity from the solar panels is used to support the electrical system of your house, and if your panels produce more energy than you need, the excess amount is sent to the grid.

Once your monthly electricity bill is calculated, your total electricity consumption will be compared with your total energy generation from the solar panels. If you produce more electricity than what you used, the electric company will actually owe you money because you ended up supplementing their energy instead of taking from it. On-grid systems are an excellent way to save on energy expenses while enjoying the chance of added income as well.


Installing a solar panel system for your home is a good way to save money long-term while helping the environment recover. If you have decided that solar is the best energy option for you, Yorkshire Roofing is a trustworthy business with over 120 years in the industry. Whether it’s installing your solar panel systems or performing necessary maintenance, Yorkshire Roofing is sure to provide you with premium professional services at an affordable rate.