Residential roofing is one of the most difficult home components to maintain; partly because of its size and positioning, but mostly because of its complicated composition. However, not a lot of people know that the roof is one of the most important parts of the house as it serves as the main protection through various weather conditions. That’s why it’s important to give it some timely checking to make sure it is at its 100% best.

So what should we look for when inspecting our good old roof?

Leaks can come anytime of the year in any season. So, what causes leaks? There are several factors to consider like age, maintenance, and material. This problem is commonly caused by a loose nail fitting, a broken shingle, or just plainly because of old age. When checking for leaks, start from areas where nails have been burrowed.

Rusts, unlike leaks, happen more often after the rainy and snowy season. This happens when a compromised component of the roof managed to trap in moisture during the cold season and failed to melt or evaporate correctly. Because of this, rusts develops which then leads to leaks.

This problem is mostly due to the changing season. When leaves that were tucked between shingles trap moisture they become a breeding ground for algae. This may seems harmless at first, but when it grows and burrows in your roof; chances are it will eat your roof from the inside out.

Now, knowing all these can be deadly for your roof, here are some of the tips and tricks you can try when maintaining your roof:

Gutters are like veins for your roofing. When they are clean and healthy, your roofing is assured last. However, if these are compromised, it can slowly deteriorate the quality of your roof. Hence, cleaning the gutters regularly is a must. When cleaning your gutters, remove dried leaves, twigs, and blast off dust with soap water. Make sure that water can flow uninterruptedly after cleaning.

For some, this is a tough task. But, don’t worry; if you cannot do it by yourself, there are reliable contractors for roof repair in Liverpool. We at Roof Max can do the job in just one day. But for those who would like to try repairing it, check if the shingles has broken sheets, loose connectors, or moss build up. If any of the three signs are present, it is best to have your roof replaced.

Not everyone knows that there are certain types of paint that help protect roofs made of metal from the weather, and therefore from rusts. Upon inspection, when you see that rusts are starting to propagate, get a scrub and start removing it. It may be possible that you cannot remove everything at once. That would be okay, but be sure to remove a considerable amount before painting the area with metal grade paint. This task may be too large a task for one person— to check and repaint the entire roof. We can always give you a helping hand in deploying people to have your roofs painted in no time. With our expert handling and experience, a roof is finished just in time for the change of season.

Flashings are not immortal and are also affected by weather. If it is compromised, chances are, leaks will happen. If there are broken flashings, remove the entire stretch of the area, scrub it, and seal back in again. Removing the previously installed flashing before sealing ensures that the chemicals will bond perfectly together. However, changing the flashings can also be tricky because it has to be parallel to your roof. If this is not done properly, chances are, leaks will still happen and all the effort would have been for nothing. We also have skilled staff that can provide this service at an affordable cost. No need to experiment on one of the most important parts of your roof.

Some think that a hanging branch is harmless. On the contrary, a hanging branch on your roof can actually spell disaster in more ways than one. It is best to trim these branches to make sure that they don’t touch the roof. Should these branches fall on your roof, it can clog the gutters, break your shingles or flashings, or cause a moss build-up. Sometimes, these branches also serve as a bridge to the house for our friendly little mouse, squirrels, raccoons, and other rodents. While we love seeing their cute little faces and don’t want to hurt them, they sometimes hurt our roofing unintentionally. Rodents are known for their ability to chew off stuff and create holes and passageways. Sometimes, a warm attic is all they need to pass the winter. Your house can be as cozy as the trunk of a tree or even better because your house has a furnace.

This problem is seasonal. But, when not given the correct attention, it could be blown out of proportion. Removing snow that accumulated during the winter can be dangerous for a DIY. It’s best to call in the experts. Here at Roof Max, we make sure we have the right equipment and the experts for the job. It is the best option for your roof, especially if the snow that is accumulated is more than a foot high.

Roof maintenance is often ignored, especially for newly built homes. But the integrity of the roof can only last for as long as it is properly taken care of. Other times, people neglect the small problems before repairing it or before calling in experts to do their job. By the time they are ready to fix the problem, the roof has already deteriorated to the extent that the entire roof has to be replaced. Do not make that mistake, give your roof the care that it needs so it will also continue to give you the warmth that it has always given.