As a successful San Jose roofing company it is imperative to be able to provide your customers with exceptional service and technical support, because without reliable customer support a San Jose roofing company really doesn’t stand a chance in terms of keeping their customers happy. Time and time again, the most successful San Jose roofing companies are the ones, which have the highest degree of customer satisfaction, which means that your business is more likely to be consistently successful if you provide consistent, quality customer service. So if you are a San Jose roofer looking to stand out amongst the competition, then consider all of the various ways you can improve the experience of your customer, and thus the success of your business! Below are five of the most common problems associated with a poor customer-experience with a roofing company (aka-things for San Jose roofers to avoid).

1. Poor or untrained customer service representatives: One of the best ways to improve the overall experiences had by your customers is to enhance the approach your San Jose roofing company takes to customer service. The key to providing exceptional customer service centers around having a knowledgeable staff that provides your customers with friendly and reliable work and technical support, from the beginning of the exchange, to the final encounter with the client, a quality customer service approach is one that is comprehensive and consistent.

2. Poor communication with the customer: It goes without saying that being late or not showing up to an appointment at all is not only the quickest way to lose a customer, but also a quick way for a roofing company to gain a bad reputation; therefore, in order to avoid this all too common mistake made by less-than-superior San Jose roofing companies, make a commitment to always communicating with your client.

3. Dishonest pricing: While each homeowner is unlikely to know whether or not they are being taken advantage of by a dishonest company, the best San Jose roofers are the ones who can make their client feel comfortable and at ease when dealing with the financial aspect of the job. This includes breaking down the individual bills for labor and other costs, so as to maintain a sense of integrity between the business and the customers.

4. Lack of transparency: Nothing makes a paying customer more angry and disappointed in a company than when they feel taken advantage of because they are out of the loop about what is going on with their home, so do the customer the favor of respecting the fact that they appreciate clear and open lines of communication about what is needed or how the job is progressing.

5. Incomplete job: The superior roofing companies are the ones that provide a quality inspection and appropriate support after the initial job is done, by making sure that their work is safe and that the customer is appropriately satisfied. Similarly, a roofing company that does not have a roofing job inspected by a professional for safety purposes is not doing a complete job.

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