As California has been experiencing record-breaking levels of drought in the recent years, the news of potential El Niño patterns of rainfall this winter might seem like a welcome possibility for our water-deprived land and reservoirs; our Bay Area roofs and homes however, are another story.

The intense heat and dryness of the California climate over the last several years has made roofs and homes especially vulnerable to acquiring damage during periods of heavy rainfall. The various wooden structures of the roof and foundation for example, could have shrunk or cracked due to the dry heat which results in leaks, or the glazing compound holding the window panes could be similarly cracked, which would also allow water in during an El Niño storm.

10 Tips on Protecting Your Bay Area Roof this El Niño

In order to prepare your home for what lies ahead this winter, take the following list of 10 tips to get a basic look at what you can do now to protect your property from El Niño.

  1. Inspect the condition of your Bay Area roof by looking for loose shingles and tiles, an accumulation of leaves and debris, and clogged gutters or spouts, as these issues can evolve into a big problem during a powerful storm event.
  2. If you already suspect a leak or are unsatisfied with your ability to examine the condition of your roof by yourself then the time is now for you to consult a professional Bay Area roofing contractor to make sure that everything is in working order before the heavy rains hit.
  3. Clean out all drainage catches, spouts, and gutters to minimize the chance of a water backup on your Bay Area roof, and thus potential rot damage. Also be sure to check the angles of the water flow at all sloped areas to see if the drainage system works properly.
  4. Additionally, you will need to inspect how heavy water flow will affect the drainage system in your yard; for instance, you might consider loosening the compact soil or having the lawns aerated in an effort to make the land better equipped for water absorption so there is less flooding and water damage throughout your yard.
  5. If you are looking for an easy way to recycle and reuse some of the water during El Niño rains this season, consider installing rain barrels at the downspouts. Also consider turning off your automatic watering system until the spring.
  6. Most Bay Area roofing experts also believe it to be in the best interest of your home and Bay Area roof to consult an arborist if large trees closely surround your home.
  7. Reinforce and secure your yard by tying down and boarding up anything that could be picked up by winds during an El Niño storm.
  8. Another way to help protect wood against water-related damage is by applying a fresh layer of paint to seal out the moisture.
  9. Prepare for intense surges of rainfall by having tools on hand to help divert water to drainage systems, such as sandbags and straw-waddle tubing.
  10. Finally, just be prepared! Be it by getting flood insurance, purchasing a generator for potential power outages, or simply putting together an emergency kit for your home, the best way to alleviate future damage is through current preparation.

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