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If your roof is in need of repair, odds are you are looking for a Bay Area roofing specialist to take care of your roofing needs. Before you hire your roofer, remember to ask him or her a few questions to make sure they are capable of getting the job done, the first time around. […]

Bay Area Roofing Vocabulary Tips

Posted on: November 13, 2014

When you hire a Bay Area Roofing contractor, you will hear a lot of vocabulary words you may not be familiar with. We have compiled a list of Bay Area Roofing vocabulary in the hopes of helping you understand your roofer when he or she starts on your project. Asphalt – a darker waterproofing factor […]

Leaky roofs, broken shingles, it’s probably times to change your roof. You may have already picked a contractor to replace your roof. But, when should you do it? Timing is very important when it comes to roof installation. Most Bay Area Roofing contractors have busy seasons and slow seasons. It is always best to have […]

Roof Support Problems

Posted on: September 24, 2014

There are two primary roof-framing systems used by Bay Area Roofing companies: rafters and trusses. Rafter framed roofs have individual rafters spaced from 12 to 14 inches on center, which span from the exterior walls or roof eaves up to the roof top or ridge, or into the sides of the main hip rafters. This […]

It’s been a while since your last roof was installed, and we are talking a really long while like over a decade or two – you know it’s time for a new one. After talking to your Bay Area Roofing Contractor, you decide it’s time to take action. Before your new roof’s installation starts, there […]

Roof Remodeling Tips For The Bay Area

Posted on: September 4, 2014

Most of us don’t think about our roof that often, unless there is something wrong with it. In addition to providing you shelter and keeping you dry, the roof contributes to the overall look of the house, this is why it is important to consider your options when re roofing, etc. there are many areas […]

9 Roofing Maintenance tips for summer

Posted on: July 29, 2014

Summer is in full gear and the sun is hotter than ever.  The blazing sun can damage more than you can imagine; your roof is important and keeping it in the best shape possible during the summer months can help you avoid having to pay a lot of money for repairs in the future. Before […]

Hiring a Bay Area Roofing Contractor to fix or replace your roof can be a challenging task. There are many questions you should ask a prospective Bay Area Roofing Contractor or you can be taken advantage of by roofers who don’t have a license, or left to pay thousands of dollars by roofers who don’t […]

The dreaded roof leak: never seems to come at a convenient time and can lead to major damage if left untreated and finding the source of the leak can be almost as frustrating as the leak itself. Finding the source of the leak can be a great challenge as the leak on the outside rarely […]

Are you getting ready to remodel your roof? Remodeling your roof can be a very exciting time, but it can also be stressful if you don’t keep some items in mind.Before you call a Bay Area Roofing Contractor don’t forget to consider these tips: 1. Consider the way you want your roof to look. After […]

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